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Fall Sideline Cheer!!

Sideline Cheer begins during September with practices a few days a week a CLHS. Once the 3-6th grade football teams start playing games, we will attend and cheer on the sidelines. 

Cost is $75 and includes a cheer bow, pom-poms and uniform top. 

Scholarships are available on our website, www.clrasports.org/scholarships , please fill out the form prior to completing online registration. 

Winter Competition Cheer!!

Competition Cheer begins in November, with practices a few days a week at CLHS. Competitions begin in January and are held on several Saturdays ending in February. 

Cost is $175. The registration fee is $75 and the uniform fee is $100 and includes a full cheer uniform including a bow. 

Scholarships are available on the website, and are for the registration fee only ($75). If uniform cost is an issue, please email president@clrasports.org to discuss fundraising opportunities. 

Cheer Director: Chriszma Erickson

Email: cheer@clrasports.org

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