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All soccer programs are currently ran through AYSO870. Please visit the website to register: https://www.ayso870.org


AYSO Core Soccer

Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Soccer Season
Youth 4-18 years
Cost: $95.00*
Timeline: 4/9/2022 - 6/22/2022 or until teams are full**

Registration includes complete uniform kit: jersey, shorts and socks

Players who play in the Fall 2022 season do not need to re-register for Spring 2023 

Orientation: 8/15/2022 - 8/18/2022 (details will be announced)
Practices: Start the week of 8/22/2022
Jamboree & Pictures: 9/10/2022 (1st game day)

*The cost of registering after 6/22/2022 will be $115.00 - waitlist to fill open positions on teams

**Register by 6/22/2022 to ensure placement on a team




We've partnered with AYSO to bring soccer to the community of Central Linn.  Registrations for soccer are handled through AYSO's website.  You can register for soccer by clicking here


Volunteers are critical to the success of each soccer team.  There are many areas available to contribute.  Interested in helping with a team?  Click here to learn more about general volunteer opportunities with our local AYSO association.

Looking for something more specific?

     Click here to volunteer as a Coach or Assistant Coach

     Click here to volunteer as a Team Parent

     Click here to volunteer as a Referee


Attending orientation is highly encouraged if at all possible for soccer families and their players. This is the meeting where the kids get to meet their teammates and choose their teams name. This is also the meeting where parent volunteers choose their roles to support the team, things like coach, assistant coach, team parent, referee and field helpers.  Meetings will take place at the Lebanon Senior Center (80 Tangent St, Lebanon, OR 97355) based upon your players age:

19U Co-ed  

12U & 15U Boys and Girls 

10U Boys and Girls 

8U Boys and Girls 

5U & 6U Boys and Girls

Coach Training

Attending coach training is useful, even if you have coached soccer before. Principles of the AYSO philosophy will be discussed, as well as development of drills and practices appropriate for the age group you will be coaching.  Times for training are based upon the age group you will be coaching:

14U (15U)

10U & 12U

5U, 6U & 8U

5U, 6U & 8U

Referee Training

If you have an interest in becoming a referee, you will need to attend a basic training session.  If you like exercise, are energetic, enjoy being part of the game and like helping children learn you will probably like being a referee.  At present, we are in need of referees in order to run all of the games held on a given Saturday.  Youth 12 and up are also welcome to train as referees.  For safety reasons, we cannot allow games to be played if we don't have a referee to cover the games for 8U and up.  If no on from your team volunteers as a referee and completes training, you child's game could be canceled.

Field Building in Halsey

Field building is where we measure, mark and paint the game fields for the kids.  If you just want to help but feel intimidated by the "bigger" jobs, field building and weekly field painting are the easiest way to contribute.  The building part is a little more involved, but once the fields are built, 30 minutes or less once a week with the paint cart will usually serve to touch up the lines on a field for game day.  Please email us at soccer@clrasports.org if you would like to help.

Soccer Contact: 

Email: soccer@clrasports.org

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