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Sports Directors

     Carie Simon, Volleyball                               volleyball@clrasports.org

     Katy Kallai, Basketball                                 basketball@clrasports.org

          Karly Geider, Basketball Co-Director

     Levi Gatchet, Football                                   football@clrasports.org

     Jenni Duringer, Soccer                                 soccer@clrasports.org

     Dani Eversull, Baseball                                  baseball@clrasports.org

     Jessica Leopard, Softball                              softball@clrasports.org

     Tiffany Billington, T-Ball & Coach Pitch        littlehitters@clrasports.org

     Megan Day, Cheer                                        cheer@clrasports.org



     President                                                   president@clrasports.org

     Sean Johnson, Vice President                  vp@clrasports.org

     Alison Means, Treasurer                           finance@clrasports.org

     Linda Cheney, Secretary                           secretary@clrasports.org

     Levi Gatchet, Maintenance                        facilities@clrasports.org



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