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Discount & Payment Plan Offerings

Discount Details

Early Registration Discount

They say "the early bird gets the worm", and we believe it!  We're offering a $5 discount on all sports registrations that occur in the first 5 days.  After that, the discount's gone.  Don't delay, register early and save.

Family Discounts

Got multiple kids playing in a sports program?  We can help with that!  We're offering a $5 discount for families that register multiple kids within a given sports program.  (i.e. Volleyball 3rd-4th Grade)

Payment Plan Details

Our payment plan allows parents/guardians to defer 50% of their sports fees to a future date.  Simply select 'Payment Plan' option at checkout.  You'll be charged 50% of the outstanding balance at checkout with the remaining 50% to be paid on a future date.

Worried you'll forget the second installment?  Our system will automatically bill your Credit/Debit card on the future date stated in the payment plan terms.  (Payment plan options are only available with Credit/Debit card purchases.)